Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I really enjoy the music of Jason Upton and today the lyrics from "poverty" have been on my mind.  I often think about the verse "who will we praise when we've praised all our lives men who build kingdoms and men who build fame but heaven does not know their name".  I, like most, have looked up to others only to find out that they are  human too.  Those that seem impervious are no less breakable than me...My daughter has often said to me " Daddy, I want to be like you when I get big."...wonderful and intimidating at the same time.  There will come a day that she will find out that I'm human...Then what?  I hope that over the years I will have already planted the seeds that only God is good. Only The Lord is worth imitating.  I pray that she will one day say "Daddy, I want to be like the God you serve. My God."...  My response to her now?  " That's makes me happy but I would rather you be who God has made you to be."